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Choosing the Right Collar and Leash for Your Dog

August 4, 2011 by  
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There are two important components to dog-walking equipment:  a sturdy collar or harness, and a good leash or lead.  Your choices will be informed by your dog’s size, energy level, and obedience aptitude, as well as by your own personal preferences. One of the fundamental decisions you will make is whether to buy a collar […]

Please! No Puppies under the Christmas Tree

December 16, 2010 by  
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It’s so tempting to put a small puppy in a nice box under the tree with a ribbon around his or her neck to surprise your kids or other loved ones on Christmas morning.  We’ve all seen the commercials where the dog pops out of hiding and surprises the giggling children or wins the heart […]

Don’t Litter! Spay or Neuter Your Puppy

October 2, 2010 by  
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In case you haven’t heard, pet overpopulation is a huge problem, and as the economy continues to stagnate, the problem is getting worse. People are often forced to leave their pets behind when they lose their housing after losing a job, or they may surrender the dog to a shelter because they can no longer […]

Socializing Your New Puppy

June 5, 2010 by  
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One of your most important jobs as a puppy parent is to properly socialize your new little bundle of joy.  Good, early, and consistent socialization can prevent a number of problems as the puppy grows older.  For example, socialization can help curb stranger anxiety, fear biting, and aggression. A previous socialization article in our doggies den […]

Bottle Feeding Your Puppy

May 23, 2010 by  
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Most mama dogs will be more than capable of feeding all of their puppies, but some dogs either cannot bring down enough milk or are just plain not interested in caring for their puppies. If this happens, you will have to provide the nutrition for the newborns. In addition, if one or more of the […]

Whelping Puppies

May 6, 2010 by  
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Congratulations!  You’re about to have grand-puppies.  Other than finding out that you and your spouse were expecting, this may be the most terrifying news you will ever hear.  Relax – take a deep breath.  Counting from the day your dog was mated, you’ll have somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 days to prepare for the […]

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

April 10, 2010 by  
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It’s so exciting to bring home a new puppy, but in the midst of naming the dog, de-worming, and housebreaking, it’s easy to forget to check your home for puppy safety.  Just as you would baby-proof your house before bringing home a new infant, you must also puppy-proof your house in preparation for your new […]

Bonding with Your Puppy through Grooming

March 27, 2010 by  
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We all know that most dogs will need some sort of grooming during the course of their lives.  Even short-haired dogs need to have their nails clipped or the occasional burr brushed from their fur.  And many dogs are not overly happy with the prospect.  How do you make this process easier and more enjoyable […]

Helping Your Dog Overcome Fear

February 28, 2010 by  
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Does your dog hide under the bed when there’s a storm brewing?  Try to hide behind you when a stranger is nearby?  Piddle behind the couch when someone new comes into the living room?  Just like we humans, canines have their own little insecurities, fears, and foibles that can make a day pretty miserable.  So […]

Help! My Puppy is Chewing Up My House!

February 7, 2010 by  
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The reason God made puppies so cute is to ensure the survival of the species. Everything else about them is so annoying! One of the biggest annoyances of a new puppy is their propensity to chew anything and everything with which they come into contact. Remembering that they are not doing it to be malicious […]

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