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Top Ten Ways to Give Your Dog a Valentine

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Valentine Dachshund dog

Your dog deserves a special treat on Valentine's Day too.

OK, so you can’t give your favorite canine a box of chocolates and most dogs don’t read, so a card is pretty worthless.  So what’s a family to do to show a little love to the four-legged family members this Valentine’s Day?  Here are our top ten ways to demonstrate your feelings to your dog.

10.  Take a nice long walk.  As mild as the weather has been this winter, there aren’t a lot of excuses for not taking walks.  It’s great for your health, as well as for your dog’s.  So, brush the dust off that leash and head out.  Start with a short walk so neither one of you gets sore, then build up distance and time each day.  Commit to walking every day – both your dog and you will feel better!

9.  Groom your dog.  No, this doesn’t necessarily imply a bath, so you needn’t upset the dog by putting him in the tub.  But, what dog doesn’t look better after a good brushing?  Maybe a pretty pink bandana or some bows for the hair?  (OK, for a boy dog maybe that’s not such a great way to celebrate the holiday.)  A dog who looks good, automatically feels good, so spend a little time with the brush.  It’s a great bonding experience!

8.  Give him a special treat.  Visit a dog bakery and get some special cookies with a Valentine’s Day theme.  Even better, make something homemade.   You can easily adapt these Christmas Cookie recipes for Valentine’s Day.

7.  Make a homemade meal.  We all know dogs crave people food.  How else to explain counter-surfing?  But, a lot of our food simply isn’t suitable for dogs, causing digestive upset or even poisoning the animal.  That doesn’t mean you can’t treat your dog to something special on holidays.  You can make a special meal out of many ingredients you probably already have in your home such as leftover meat (unseasoned), eggs (shell and all), vegetables, oatmeal, and canned fish.  Mix it all together and put it in the dog’s dish.  He’ll think he died and went to heaven!  If you can’t bring yourself to cook for your dog, just try deviating from his normal meal.  If your dog normally eats kibble, try adding some moist food or even giving him a whole meal of just soft, moist canned food.  It will make the day more special.

6.  Visit a dog park.  Let your dog spend some time off-leash and with other four-legged friends.  It’s a great way to exercise the dog, and can be lots of fun for you, too, as you meet others who love canines.

5.  Invest in a few days of day care.  If you have to be at work all day, consider giving your dog a gift certificate for a day pass to doggie day care.  He can play with the other dogs, as well as with the staff, and is guaranteed to come home plum tuckered.

4.  Hire a dog walker.  Again, if you can’t be home with your dog, make sure someone gives him some attention during the day.  He will definitely appreciate the exercise, as well as the companionship and the opportunity to relieve himself.

3.  Buy a new toy.  Whether it’s a simple tug rope or chew toy or even just the bottom part of a pair of cut-off jeans, dogs always appreciate new toys.  Puzzle toys are a big hit because they allow you to hide a treat inside, giving your dog some mental stimulation while he tries to find the food.

2.  Go to the ice cream stand.  Even though it might be cold out, dogs love ice cream anyways.  Most ice cream stands carry a “puppy cone” or a cone for babies which will be just perfect for your dog, no matter what age.  Just make sure it’s vanilla so it won’t hurt the pooch’s tummy.

1.  Cuddle with the dog while watching the last half of the Westminster Kennel Club show on the 14th.  Make sure your dog knows he’s your champion, even if he hasn’t gotten you to the Garden.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours from the whole Straight Poop staff!


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  1. Lori says:

    I have a 2 yr old Boxer. His hair sheds real bad. Any suggestions to not getting dog hair on clothes and everything else? Thank you in advance!!

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